Five Best Locks For Homes


The home is considered to be the safest place for anyone. To keep it safe, families opt to put more security by adding some locks. Locks come in different shapes, sizes, and types. People can go to locksmiths Raleigh NC, for the best security locks to be installed in homes. Below are the five of the best locks you can get to keep your home safe from burglars and thieves.

1. Knob Lock

Knob lock is the first line of security for residential houses. It is used for front doors, bedrooms and bathrooms not primarily for security reasons, but for aesthetics. However, the knob lock is usually combined with other types of locks for added security. 

2. Lever Handle Lock

A lever handle lock can make doors more comfortable to open than by using knob locks. It is the best choice if the priority is handicap accessibility. It is also faster to open doors with this type of locks, even with grocery baskets in your hands. However, just like knob locks, lever handle locks are usually accompanied by other lock types to make homes more secure.

3. Cylinder lock

A cylinder lock is commonly used for the front door of houses. It is usually hidden, and only its circular face is seen and visible outside the door. Single-cylinder locks have keys or rotating knob on the other side, which controls the lock only from the inside.  

4. Cam Lock

A cam lock is a latch-style security device usually found in cabinets, lockers, and mailboxes. One uses a key to turn a cam for it to be locked and unlocked.

5. Padlock

A padlock is the simplest and only type of lock that is not permanently attached to anything. It is portable, thus can be used almost for anything and anywhere. A padlock is available in various colors, sizes, shapes, and weights, depending on how and where you will use it. It is usually used together with the other lock types mentioned above for added home security.

People must get the best type of lock to make homes secured and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. If you have questions about home security locks, check locksmiths Raleigh, NC, for more details.