How Long Can I Stay In The U.S. On An ESTA Visa

The ESTA Visa is valid for a period of two years. However, this does not mean that you can travel to the U.S. and remain there for the entire two year period. The visa restricts stays for visitors to the country to 90 days per visit. This means that a visitor is required to leave the country before their visit exceeds 90 days.

Should you want or need to stay in the country for a period exceeding 90 days, it is necessary to apply for a B-2 Tourist Visa which allows for stays of up to 6 months. It is not necessary to apply for an ESTA visa if you have already been approved for a B-2 visa.

The ESTA visa does allow for multiple entries into the U.S. which means you can return to the country even if you have stayed the maximum amount of 90 days. While there is no defined amount of time that you will need to spend outside of the country before returning, a reasonable amount of time should pass before you return.

It is up to the customs and border official at your port of entry to decide whether a reasonable amount of time has passed. Leaving the country and returning the next day will not be acceptable. Other factors may also be taken into account upon your return such as whether you returned to your home country or only spent a few nights in a bordering country before returning. Generally, a few weeks in your country of origin or home country should allow for re-entry into the United States.

The reason for this assessment upon returning is to determine whether a person has been or is intending to work in the United States upon their return. It is not permitted to work in the U.S. on an ESTA visa.…

A Guide For ESTA And Application Process


This article provides information about ESTA and other important aspects associated with this system. Without this system, you may not be able to visit the United States either for business or pleasure. So, it is imperative to inform yourself with vital facts about the process before boarding your flight to the US. Make sure you read and understand every information indicated on this page.

Electronic System for Travel Authorization is the replacement of the visa system in the US for some participating countries. Such system is a part of the VWP or Visa Waiver System to sort the travelers, entry easily as they complete the online application before making a trip to the US.

Using the visa waiver online service, travelers can enter the US for pleasure or for business purposes. In Over the duration of two years, they can stay for a maximum period of 90 days. However, it is always advised to follow the requirements for ESTA to have a smooth trip.

You just have to pay $14 for the application fee. Once your application is approved, you will be charged with this amount. However, if the application online is denied, you only have to pay for $4 for the processing.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization Form

This online form will let you travel to the US within 2 years of the validity period. This electronic form serves as an alternative to getting a visa for those holiday-goers. In a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation regarding the status of your application.

The form is applicable for any travel arrangement to the United States from any participating countries under VWP. The good part of this process is that you do not have to wait for a long time because the US Border authority processes the application immediately.…