The Benefits Of Working For An International Law Firm

There are lots of great benefits to gaining employment with an international law firm rather than with smaller local law offices. The benefits range from better advancement prospects to higher salaries to global travel opportunities and more. However, it’s important to note that there can also be some potential challenges to face when practicing in such a corporate environment.


High Salaries

The biggest international law firms rank in the top positions when it comes to salaries in paid practice environments. Legal professionals are often given much more generous compensation packages when working for such firms in comparison to what they would get working for non-profits, the government, public interest sectors, small firms or the judiciary. Furthermore, interns are also given generous pay packages unlike the unpaid internships offered by smaller firms.

Challenging and Rewarding Work

International law firms deal with most of the high-end transactional legal work and complex litigation procedures. This means attorneys and paralegals get a chance to showcase their talents in an intellectually challenging environment.

Access To Extensive Legal Resources

The on-site resources that global law firms have do not even begin to compare to the limited resources available in small firms. Employees have access to extensive law libraries, full-service copy centers, in-house gym facilities, and full-service catering outlets. Lawyers in large companies also have access to a full range of support staffs from legal administrations to IT personnel to messengers to marketing specialists to paralegals to court filers to librarians.

Advancement Opportunities

Perhaps one of the greatest things about working for an international law firm is that you get access to some fantastic career advancement opportunities. Firms tend to have plenty of opportunities for promotion, which means talented individuals can work their way up the organizational hierarchies and enjoy progress annual salary jumps. It is not impossible for an intern to make his or her way to senior associate and equity partner positions.…