Five Top Survival Gear Tools

Many disasters and natural calamities have stricken various countries all over the world, from earthquakes to hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions. The wisest thing to do when emergencies happen is to go to the nearest evacuation center for safety and temporary shelter. However, if this is not possible and you cannot leave the calamity-stricken area, it is best to carry the following as Survival Gear:

 1. SHELTER (Space Blanket)

 A space blanket’s primary purpose is to keep a person’s body warm. However, it can also be put-up as a tent or a tarp for shelter. It is made out of waterproof material, thus can protect anyone from rain or snow. In the same way, it can protect you from the scorching heat of the sun during the day. The space blanket is an all-around gear that is easy to carry since it is lightweight and easy to fold. If a space blanket is not readily available as shelter, one can consider looking for a cave, rock, or log.

 2. WATER (Water Bottle)

 The human body comprises 70% water, thus getting freshwater is critical. Having a bottle to store water is essential during calamities. Clean water can be obtained by boiling it and continue doing so for about three minutes to kill the bacteria. Having a supply of potable water in a shelter can help a person survive for days.

 3. FIRE (Matches)

 Fire is necessary to keep a person’s body warm, boil water, cook food, and dry clothes. Having waterproof matches or any fire-starter kit can make a big difference during disasters. A lighter is also handy to get the fire started and keep insects or other animals away from your shelter.

 4. FOOD (Knife)

 Food may not be as crucial as water during survival, but no one can last more than three weeks without eating. Keeping a knife nearby can help you get the food your body needs. It helps you to open fruits, cut plants, fishes, or if left with no choice, insects.

 5. COURAGE (Attitude and Other Stuff)

 The essential gear you can have is yourself having the courage in the middle of disasters. Though map, first-aid kit, flashlight, and whistle are crucial, only the right attitude can bring all these gears into full use. Since survival means beating the odds, probably alone, a composed and positive outlook may determine whether one lives or dies.