Hotels in Costa Rica – The earth friendly place


Costa Rica is the earth friendly place for family adventures. It offers umpteen areas of adventure and over a dozen ways to enjoy with the family. Costa Rica is green and totally un spoilt. It is populated with hidden waterfalls, pineapple and yucca plantations, mountain trails and volcanoes.

Costa Rica is a place that takes us into the rain forest and in the process uncovers amazing jungles .Among these are the few best hotels which we are bringing for you from this tiny Central American country.

  • Oxygen Jjungle villas: This is a remote retreat having a pool bordered with Moroccan  lanterns and with lounge music playing not too loud. In fact it is very soothing to the ears. The guests sprawl under Balinese umbrellas hearing to their ipods or reading their Kindles. The glass rooms are with teak tipped roofs and there are just twelve in number. The rooms have large poster beds and with huge white sofas on the patio. The place to visit is the Oxygen waterfall or a forty minute drive to the national park.
  • Rancho Pacifico: this hill top eco lodge attracts all the elite that one can remember. There are two new Tree houses which are not part of the main structure. The rooms have the best furnishings and one has a sweeping view by the ocean. One can either opt for the stone hot massage or relax in any of the five swimming pools.02
  • Florblanca: This is an Asian motivated resort. It is a quite place where at any given time there will be not more than a dozen guests. It has a rocky studded pool, a bamboo spa kothi embellished with ponds and shoji screens. There are eleven villas and each have individual terraces fitted with hammock. After yoga class at the beach one can relax at the open Nectar bar.
  • Latitude 10 degree: It is more of a no frill place but fashionable . do not expect any five star flat screen TV but guests can sleep and stay in harmony complete with nature. There is plenty of sea food available and guests can preorder before noon to get the freshest catch of fish. It can be served in your dining room or out on the open beach.
  • Nayara Hotel and Spa: This is the No 1 hotel in Central and South America, fitted with fifty villas having spacious decks, plantation furniture and bright colored walls. The wine bar serves some of the latest Latin American vintage wines.
  • El Silencio and Spa: This lodge is a ninety minute drive from the capital . it has sixteen wooden bungalows built on pillars rising above the exotic ferns. At night one can head to the glass walled restaurant to enjoy Central American food.
  • The Logan: This is a four suite property opened by a Canadian and his wife. The rooms are spacious and the saltwater pool is perfect for whiling during the day and followed by a candle light dinner at the nearby La Vela Latina.