How Much Does Dental Implants Cost?

Dental implants are becoming popular as it is more comfortable, durable, and has a natural look, feels, and function of real teeth. It offers minimal care and maintenance than dentures, providing permanent tooth replacement solutions. If you want to smile, eat, and laugh without worries, contact a dentist Greenville for proper dental implants, or see first its estimated costs described below.

Estimated Dental Implants Costs

There is no fixed and standard cost for dental implants because it depends on different factors: dentist’s fee, personal dental treatment plan, number of teeth to be replaced and appointments, quality of the materials to be used, sedation services, etc. Here are some data to help you estimate your budget for dental implants:

  • Screw implants: $1,000–$2,250
  • Crown mounting abutment: $800–$1,000
  • Crown: $700–$1,500
  • Bone graft: $700–$1,000
  • Extraction: $150–$300 per tooth
  • X-rays, Sedation services, or Multiple appointments: to be decided (TBD)

The good news is that some dentists in Greenville give discounts if you require multiple implants. However, no matter how cheap or pricey these implants are, it requires careful deliberation. In evaluating dental implants costs, here are three additional things to keep in mind.


  • Not All Implants and Crowns are Equally Created


 It may sound cliché, but you have to remember this adage: “You get what you pay for.” Unfortunately, some services reduce their costs by using lower-grade materials for the procedure. Low-quality materials can cause dangerous implant failures and eventually cost you even more. Compromising quality dental implants is too much of a risk, so don’t resort to unbelievably cheap services.


  • Work with a Reputable Dentist


It is better to trust the job to a dentist at Greenville that you know and trust, or if not, work with a reputable dentist. Aside from the high quality materials, your dentist should be someone of significant influence and reputation. If your first implants fail, you need to spend more money for additional treatment, which is too inconvenient and costly than trusting a known dentist in the first place.


  • Schedule a Free Consultation


Most of the dental services in Greenville offers a free consultation, so you can seek advice regarding your dental problems and the costs it may take. Some dentists will also tell you treatment options in which you can choose according to your preference and budget.

Knowing and canvassing the costs of dental implants is your first step to your journey to a beautiful smile. Unless you want to risk for cheap yet poor services, choose a dental implant service of high quality.