Is It Time To Get That Extension In Fulham Built?


It is normal to be hesitant when deciding for the right time to start on extension projects for your property. When living in Fulham, however, it is best to always seize the right opportunities to increase asset value.

Why Stay in Fulham?

Amongst various areas in London, Fulham is one of the best-connected residential areas in terms of different factors. These considerations will help you forego moving and decide on property extension in Fulham instead.

  • Fulham boasts of a convenient commute away from the City and West End while still maintaining a suburban village-feel.
  • It supports an abundance of economic activity such as those in shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Houses two high profile professional football clubs and the Fulham Palace that attracts a huge crowd of tourists yearly.

Benefits of Property Extension

When your property no longer has enough space for the growth you envision, moving becomes the obvious option. However, this requires a great deal of effort which utilizing current property could avoid by opting for property extension instead.

  • Moving involves taking out yet another massive mortgage, whereas extension maximizes your current plans.
  • Choosing to do extension allows you to continue residing or doing business in an area you are already accustomed to.

The Right Time to Build

The right timing for investing in extension all depends on you. When your property feels cluttered, saving up for an extension project should be a priority. Once you have the ample resources, you can begin realizing your dream extension in Fulham.


Proficiency offers professional building services that are top-notch and convenient. The professional and sophisticated designs available, and their team of experts will meet expectations of a convenient and smooth-sailing partnership.

Choosing Proficiency For Your Extension Project

For your next extension project, keep in mind these benefits to help make the decision to partner with the company.

  • You will get your own project manager from day one to update and advise you.
  • Regular building control checks are conducted to ensure that the project is following the latest regulations.
  • There is a 15-year warranty for the structural work built and the whole project is fully insured. 


Living or doing business in Fulham is an endless opportunity in itself due to a variety of different factors. With property extension, one should no longer be hesitant in staying and realizing your dreams in this iconic London area.