5 Reasons For Using Kenai Fishing Guides

Image result for kenai fishingNavigating large rivers such as the Kenai can be challenging and it can be beneficial particularly for inexperienced boaters to leave this task to the experts. Kenai fishing guides are always ready to help you land a prize. They are veterans that know seasonal quirks, the nature of the fish, the twists & turns of the river, and so much more. Read on to learn about some more reasons why you should hire these guides.

1. The Understand the Rules

If you are a native of Alaska, you probably know about the regulations set by the state department of fisheries and wildlife as well as the regulations manuals. However, if you are not from Alaska, you might be surprised to learn about a long list of fishing rules that you must adhere to.

A practiced fishing guide on the Kenai river will be of tremendous benefit not only for those that come from outside Alaska but to the local anglers that may not be fully aware of the specifics about the fishing regulations.

2. The Understand The River

The Kenai River is massive with a diverse pattern of tributaries and deep water. Understanding the flow of the river and mastering navigation through drifting is key to fishing success here. Drifting here means that there is no reason to fight the current.

An experienced guide who has probably drifted the river hundreds if not thousands of times is better able to read the seasonal changes in air temperature and water, the speed and movement of waves to know when to drift in a particular area and when to move on to another area.

3. The Understand The Weather

The weather along the course of the Kenai River can be in a state of flux. The dynamic Alaskan climate means that seasonal changes in sunlight, precipitation, wind, and air temperature all have a tremendous influence day-to-day and hour-to-hour. The fishing guides are able to identify these changes and are better placed to advise you on when and where to fish.

4. They Know The Runs

Seasoned fishing guides on the Kenai River have mastered what is usually find on the river on any given trip. The understand when the trout season is usually on, where salmon are to be found, the months that grayling arrive, the size requirements, and the number of fish that you can take. All these things change each year meaning that rules that were applicable last year may not be applicable this year. The guides have been on the river for a long time and keep up with these changes.

5. Who Will Photograph Your Big Catch?

You will never be able to convince your friends back home that you actually caught a big one without photographic evidence. So, even if it is a catch and release, you can have the fishing guide photograph you so that you have something to show your friends back at home.


Kenai fishing guides play an important role in ensuring that your fishing trip goes smoothly without a hitch. They understand the river better than you probably ever will and understand the rules, the river, and the weather. So, next time you go for a fishing trip on the Kenai River be sure to hire one.