Top 5 Uses Of Plastic Wraps When Moving

Using boxes when you move can be a bit of a hassle because of the bulkiness and difficulty in trying to fit different items inside. An excellent hack used by moving company richmond va is wrapping things in plastic wrap for more relaxed moving sessions.


#1: Plastic Wraps Help Secure Drawers

For some people, they want the entire move to finish quickly; that’s why they choose to keep the drawers (and things inside them) in place. Plastic wrap is a better substitute when securing drawers in place. The plastic is durable, stretchable, and it doesn’t leave residue marks when removed. Wrap the drawers in many layers, and you’re good to go.

#2: Waterproof Packing

The weather can change instantly on most days, and it’s better to be sure that the material you use for packing is waterproof. Plastic wrap is waterproof, and using it to protect your furniture is a cheap and affordable solution.

#3: You can Bundle Irregularly-Shaped Items Together

A problem with most moving sessions is that you might find it hard to fit everything in a box, especially those that don’t have an equal number of sides. Using plastic wrap to gather everything in one secure place is a smart move or hack for most movers. This way is easy even for you, and you can give a helping hand to the movers.

#4: It Secures Containers Filled With Liquids

Some bottles or containers, especially the old ones, don’t close as tight as they did before. Buying a new bottle poses unnecessary expenses, but throwing away the item will also be a waste. Plastic wraps solve the problem by ensuring that the lid is secured tightly in place, as long as you put many layers.

#5: You Secure Glass– Broken Or Not

When moving, there will always be a risk of an accident, especially when handling anything breakable and made of glass. Whether you encounter broken glassware or not, the wrap keeps the item in place, further protecting the movers (and yourself), and giving you an easier time when cleaning up.

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