Do You Have A Writing Skill And Like To Write For Us?

The blog we own is still accepting for guest blog writers. Our blog in the travel niche already has lots of content as what you can see. Nevertheless, we’re still looking for fresh contents. If you need to have a website of the same niche such as us and you wanted exposure of your web page, we can both benefit so let us know now in order for us to talk about details.

We are accepting guest post’s for the following topics
Best Places to eat at a destination
Leisure activity
Mountain/walking trails
Points of interest
How much would a particular trip cost
How to save money in a trip
Low cost alternatives
Famous travelers
Anything travel related

Guest blogging is a superb method to advertise your site. The website you are operating can have an extra exposure if you publish excellent contents on different sites out there. Blog owners will share your articles with their own audience, meaning you can have direct traffic. Not only that, they also use the social media to publish the content to look for another source of traffic. And here’s the search engine that looks for links to your website and if your website has more links like the ones you obtain in guest posting, search engine will assist you create organic traffic to your site. It is essential to submit content to blogs that are on the same topic to your own site though. If the niche of your site is in the travel niche, then post content as guest blogger on the same niche as yours. Search engine may not like your site if you post contents not related to your site. Example, a real estate website has nothing to do with you niche. You also want to submit content to our blog that has pictures and maybe even relevant video content. This is all excellent content for the search engines and will make your guest publish much more successful.


Guest blog contents can be outsourced to an individual whose writing capability passes your standards or personally write for us then post the content as guest blog writer to site like who are continually searching for contents. Quality low cost content can be bought from somewhere like I Need Articles for just a few dollars.


We’ll send to you the blogging rules after you contact us using our form. You can then begin now posting your contents. Articles that you ought to submit to us have word count of 750 and double checked for good quality standards. Our platform can feature guest author, if you’d like to be featured, just inform us.