Best Blepharitis Treatment For Inflamed Eyes

blepharitis treatmentIf your eyelids are inflamed and they itch, you might have blepharitis. This condition is chronic and causes plenty of discomfort because you are going to want to spend all your time scratching your eyes which is going to make the condition even worse. Read on to learn about blepharitis treatments and what you can do about this chronic condition.

When the area where your eyelashes grow become inflamed you are dealing with blepharitis. The oil glands for your eyelashes can become stopped up and this makes your eyes red and also irritates your lids. You don’t look your best when you have blepharitis because your eyes look red and swollen and this can start to affect your self-esteem and the way you feel about yourself.

It is hard to have confidence when your eyes are swollen and red and there is no cure for it either. If you have blepharitis you are likely to experience red and watery eyes. You could also experience a burning sensation in your eyes and your eyelids can even look greasy and oily. They are going to itch constantly and this constant itching can be a big distraction and make your life less than pleasant.

Your eyelids will start to look swollen and red and the skin around your eyes can even start to flake off. In the morning you are going to have crusty eyelashes and your eyes could even stick together because of the secretions. Many people experience light sensitivity and you might find that you blink a lot. Sometimes all of your eyelashes can fall out and this is disfiguring and can make you not want to be around people.

One of the best things you can do if you have blepharitis is to keep your eyelids very clean. You should clean the area with gentle soap and water twice a day and gently dry your eyes with a clean cloth. If the extra cleaning doesn’t help, you will need to visit your doctor.

The doctor will prescribe a blepharitis treatment that might include steroid eye drops and creams that control inflammation. You might also need an antibiotic cream to apply to your eyes. You may also need antibiotic eye drops. If those don’t help you will need to take oral medications to control the inflammation and bacteria. Blepharitis can be treated, but it can’t be cured. It’s good to be under a doctor’s care. Consider looking online for an eye health clinic, such as